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Quality Control Requirements: Sanitation

The sanitation of factory is the most important part of our production. Our staff is well trained on all sanitation requirements and follow the rules. The right personal sanitation equipment is essential part of our success.Our staff and visitors are required to wear our shoes before enter workshop.


The intelligent air shower is a room which are required to go through before enter workshop. It can effectively decrease dirt and dust come into workshop.


People who work in production line have to wear disposable hat, respirator,sanitation clothing and glove to make sure body less touch with products directly.


Material Sterilizing Room
All the material has to be sterilized in this room before entering workshop. When door open,
the air curtain above is turned on. A strong air current is created and become a barrier to stop
unfiltered air coming into the room. Material in the room is irradiated for 30 minuteds.


We are proud of our production and have much experience in food and beverage packaging products and our products have been sold to all over the world.





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